Our 5th grade JQuesters embark on a journey to explore Jewish immigration to America and Israel.  Their first Quest will culminate in a presentation of their family’s immigration story.  The second Quest will culminate in a JQuest B’Yachad Yom HaAtzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) presentation. 

In addition to the Quests,  5th graders delve deeply into the prayers and theology of Jewish life exploring the concepts of Blessings (Brachot), Thanks (Hodaot), and Praise (Bakashot) through arts or Hebrew intensive electives.  They continue with regular T’fillot in order to build Hebrew competence and confidence.

Each 5th grader is also assigned a Hebrew 1x1 teacher to teach or review Hebrew letters, vowels, and fluency and help the students learn to fluently read their synagogue’s Hebrew prayer goals.