Our 4th grade JQuesters explore our Holy Land and Our Jewish Lifecycle in their Quests.  Students learn about the regions of Modern Israel and the wonders of our Jewish homeland.  They then use their knowledge to create an Israel experience for our younger students.  In the second trimester students engage in a study of the Jewish lifecyce and how ritual enhances life’s celebrations.  Students create their own presentations to share their learning. 

Our Hebrew program in 4th grade includes T’fillot,  Ivrit,  and Shira and expands to teach students the Hebrew Alef Bet and decoding skills to enable our students to read Hebrew with competence and confidence.  Students work in small groups to master fluent decoding and recitation of core prayers.

In addition to the Quests, on Tuesdays 4th graders delve deeply into the prayers and theology of Jewish life exploring the concepts of Blessings (Brachot), Thanks (Hodaot), and Praise (Bakashot) through arts or Hebrew intensive electives.