On Sundays 6th graders meet by movement.  Reform Movement students will work on siddur skills and visual T’fillot that will be used in their B'nai Mitzvah service while the Conservative Movement students will study Sifrei Kodesh, our sacred books.

 Our 6th grade JQuesters culminate their years of study with a focus on Torah, Haftarah, and G’milut Chasadim in their three Quests. Each week they will study Torah or participate in a Torah Service with the JQuest B'Yachad clergy. Using the core elements of their upcoming B’nai Mitzvah their Quests will culminate in related projects. 

All 6th graders are assigned a Hebrew 1x1 teacher help the students learn to fluently read their synagogue’s Hebrew prayer goals and continue with Ivrit focusing on Torah and bima related objects and Hebrew prayer comprehension.